Arthur Vickers ~ Gallery

Arthur Vickers is often described as a modern day renaissance man.

Known for his easy laugh and his love of telling stories that broaden our view of nature and the world around us, Vickers is also recognized for his highly sought after and internationally collected artworks.
The gallery celebrates Arthur's Vickers’ passion for the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia's coastal communities. In his work and storytelling, he captures the legends of his past, honouring the natural beauty that has surrounded him all his life and the many ancestral legends of British Columbia's First Nations. Vickers’ uses many artistic mediums, along with his voice to unlock the magic and mystery of arguable some of the world's most stunning landscapes and coastlines.

Born in British Columbia, and spending his early childhood years in the coastal Tsimshian Village of Kitkatla,  Vickers is a child of two worlds. Vickers’ mother was of English and Canadian background and his father was of Heiltsuk  Tsimshian and Haida First Nations lineage.

Vickers is always experimenting with new challenging mediums and materials his  artwork and creativity embody  an immense level of artistry. Often described as visual poetry,  for Vickers it is a means of storytelling and a  way of recording the history  of his beloved coast.

A master at the ancient art of   serigraphy  and always experimenting with new and challenging mediums and materials Vickers works in 24k gold-leafing in low relief are signature pieces that are unique to this renowned First Nations Artist. The gallery and the village of Cowichan Bay  will be  a highlight of your trip  and one that  you will always treasure.

Located in the friendly and historic picturesque sea-side Village of Cowichan Bay  45 minutes  north of  Victoria yours to explore.

*Link to Arthur's YouTube video

1719 Cowichan Bay Road
Cowichan Bay, BC
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